Band of the Day: Shinobi Ninja

Remember when Rage Against the Machine became Christmas number one, after defeating the evil overlords of X-factor? Great days. Tom Morello informed the world that if “Killing in the Name” took the Christmas number one spot, they’d perform live in the UK, and the tickets would be free.

shinobi_ninja_Tom Morello and crew also asked the fans to recommend on their Facebook page who should be their support on this momentous occasion. I added my few pence, as did many other people. One name stood out to me, I’d never heard them before, but the name intrigued me. That band is… Shinobi Ninja.

A plethora of musicians joined forces in 2008 where they created an app, an app that allowed their fans to hear their brand of music before anyone else. Then their debut album Rock Hood appeared to the masses online. I’m a physical CD or cassette kinda guy, but I paid money to download this record. A few listens later it allowed me to hear their unique mindset concocted in a realm of genres. This was my introduction to New York’s very own Shinobi Ninja. At the bottom of this article you’ll find their latest music video for a cover of “This is How We Do It”.

Using social media to build a fanbase wasn’t the norm like it is today. They self-promote as they have no record label, they produce themselves. Vocalist Duke Sims is a producer.  Twin brothers guitarist Maniak Mike and drummer Terminator Dave run The Sound Machine, a recording studio where Alien Lex the bassist works as an engineer. Vocalist Baby G sang and danced for the likes of Rihanna and Santigold who also loves Primark… who doesn’t. The ingredients of this band make for a fine pumpkin pie.

Shinobi Ninja’s blend of hip hop, rock, metal, punk, reggae and electronica has given the audiences three albums already. Rock Hood, Escape from New York and Artistic Visions. In addition, a handful of EPs. Gigs, new music videos and the release of their fourth studio album in 2017 has me guessing these guys don’t sleep. Their plan, I believe is to have fun, make music and show the world what they can do and let us all enjoy it.

So follow their journey!

Shinobi Ninja: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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