Band of the Day: Regan

Time to introduce you to Regan from Bradford. Entertaining the crowds down The Black Swan with their own brand of alternative rock, Regan have been kicking around and making a racket since early 2015.

We’ve only got a couple of tracks to go on, but what we’ve heard is pretty good. They’re light, melodic, but with an edge of grunge. Solid rhythms are interspersed with brief licks and flurries – certainly something to get you nodding along while you sup a pint of ale.

The best thing we can recommend is to check out the tracks they have on Soundcloud. They’re both demos, but contain bags of potential even so. Properly produced versions could definitely net them some attention as and when they surface. The closing third of “What I Need” in particular is a great piece of music.

Regan: official | facebook | twitter | soundcloud

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