Band of the Day: Reabilitator

Sometimes you just want something familiar. Something that fits like a well-worn glove. With barbed wire wrapped round the knuckles. And electricity flowing through the barbed wire. Ladies and gentlemen – Ukraine’s Reabilitator.

reabilitator-global-degenerationAnother band keeping the classic thrash sound alive, Reabilitator have a pair of full-length albums. Global Degeneration was re-released in 2015 and the one album I’ve heard right through. It’s brash, angry and full of great riffs.

What sets them apart as a band, though, is that the lead vocals are performed by drummer Prasalov. I honestly can’t recall ever seeing another thrash band where the main vocalist sits on a stool and beats the skins. I’m sure if one exists then our resident thrash expert Sean will know of them! Prasalov is aided by VK on guitar and Crazymetalliman on bass – it’s incredible that three people can make so much noise. It really doesn’t sound like a single-guitar act.

The band have a new album out – Social Programming – that was released in September. Give me some time and I might get around to having a listen for you, but until then if you like your thrash denim-clad then Global Degeneration certainly has our seal of approval. Both albums can be sourced via their website.

Reabilitator: official | facebook | youtube

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