Band of the Day: Quorum

*glances through email*

Hmm. Tour news, tour news, album for review, news item, random single from a band I’ve never heard of… OK. Let’s see.


*plays mp3*

Shhiiiiiiittttt this is good!

quorum-logoWelcome to my first impressions of Quorum, a four piece heavy rock unit from Exeter. They just sent us a copy of their first studio track, “Things Don’t Last”, which is due for release in the new year. They’re a young band – both in the fact they formed earlier this year, and in that they’re barely old enough to shave.

Jordan, Jake, Mack and Nathan have certainly got what it takes to get this oldster rocking. My foot was tapping within seconds of the distorted intro to “Things Don’t Last” kicking in. It’s got a simple, down-tuned, fuzzy and instant earworm of a beginning and doesn’t fade into obscurity as it drives through to it’s 3:49 conclusion, either. Seriously, if you’re not nodding/tapping along by the break at 1:15 then go and see a doctor to get yourself pronounced dead.

I honestly can’t wait to share this track with you all, and hope the band let us do so when they release it. In the meantime, you can catch them live over the coming weeks and months at the following dates:

  • 26th Nov. Jordan & Mack doing an acoustic session in the Kings Arms, Okehampton before Far From The Delta
  • 27th Jan – The Plough @ Torrington
  • 25th Feb – The Chill Bar with special guests, Black Tree Suns
  • 3rd March – joining Black Tree Suns at The Newmarket Tavern
  • 8th April – supporting The SYKKO DOLLZ at The Chill Bar.
  • 10th to 16th April – the TOUR – details to be announced
  • 6th May – Kings Arms, Okehampton
  • 17th June (date to be finalised) The Newmarket Tavern
  • 19th August – Charity Festival at Ilfracombe
  • 23rd Sept – The Chill Bar with special guests, Black Tree Suns

Quorum: facebook

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