Band of the Day: Dirty Falcon

The revolution of social media has made it quite unusual to hear about a band via word of mouth. This happened – it
happened while I moaned to a pal about a gig I went to, how this band I saw wasn’t what I expected. They were too flouncy… and I do believe flouncy is a word. He looked at me and said, “Check out this track – ‘Devil Cares’.”

Dirty FalconAs soon as that track blasted through my Bose headphones I needed to know more about this band. I ransacked the revolution that is social media to find them. The band are called Dirty Falcon. Formed in the year 2012 by three pals: Chris Carr, Martin Inman and Greg Baker of Stone Newington, North East London. Influenced by Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys to name a few.

“Devil Cares” is on playlists, which is an adult’s version of a mix tape. The song’s one of the best they’ve put together on their debut album which is called Never Mind the ball-ache! It’s… Dirty Falcon. This is the beginning of their evolution. Their grunge riffs with punk energy is easy to feel. Being a reformed grunger myself, when hearing a band use the “grunge” moniker, I personally feel the need to PAT test the music and see if it grabs me like it did in the 90s.

Dirty Falcon are one of those blind dates that worked. They’re striving to be heard by getting their music out there on online radio stations and being placed on those adult mix tapes. Check below to hear “Second Skin” performed live at their album launch.

In their own words: Rip roaring, ball aching, dirty hard rock from the darker side of North East London. This is Dirty Falcon.

Dirty Falcon: facebook | twittersoundcloud | reverbnation



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