Band of the Day: Century Thirteen

Century Thirteen logo 192A local (to me) band that someone told me about some time ago, Century Thirteen just celebrated their first birthday in March. But what do these musical toddlers produce? A fine brand in rough-edged speedy pop/punk, that’s what.

Now, I don’t really have much more information than that other than that they’re a four-piece and that you can check them out via the various links below (and the embedded song). Fronting things is Scott MacLeod who shouts down a microphone while punishing a guitar. Kevin McGuire, not to be outdone, does the exact same thing. Dale Gardner plunks away on four strings and Lewis Harwood does his best to keep them all in some kind of rhythm by hitting things.

They can be found popping up here and there at various Glasgow venues and have just announced that they’ll be playing the inaugural Islay Punk Fest at the end of July. Just a tiny change of scenery, then!

Century Thirteen: officialfacebook | twitter | youtube | soundcloud

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