Band of the Day: God Shaped Devil

God Shaped Devil - Creator of SodomGod Shaped Devil is a four piece from Manchester, UK, make up of two locals and two members from further afield. Luke (drums) and Tony (vocals) are from Manchester themselves, and are joined by Hungarians Lajos (bass) and Becy (guitars).

Not messing around with pigeon-holing, they play “metal” which makes things nice and easy. Their debut EP, Creator of Sodom, was released towards the tail end of 2016 and is a cracking slab of heaviness. There’s definitely a bit of groove in there, perhaps an edge of nu-metal but your best option is to give it a listen.

The whole thing is up on Bandcamp and you can download it for the sweet, sweet price of free. Of course, the option’s there to buy the guys a drink for their trouble and I’d highly recommend you do so. With luck it’ll encourage them to keep writing and recording more. For those who like their music more touchable, a CD version is available for a fiver. The artwork’s lovely, and done by the band’s own Lajos.

God Shaped Devil: facebook | bandcamp


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