Band of the Day: Broomfiller

Broomfiller logoA mail we received a while back (and lost, but they chased, so I found it again – oops) came from Richard of Broomfiller. He’s the singer, guitarist and songwriter of this Toronto-based four-and-a-bit-piece. They record and play locally as a five piece, but their keyboardist often can’t go on the bigger tours so they play as a band of four on those occasions.

They’re not very genre-specific, claiming to play “punk-based heavy melodic alternative”. I’d add a touch of grunge into that mix, though they’re mainly alternative. That is, damn easy to listen to either as background music or to really get into as the mood takes you.

Towards the end of last year they released their third album, Third Stage Propellor Index. It follows their earlier LPs Watching the girls go bi and Enter the Storm which were well received both in Canada and the US, where they toured a lot.

A couple of tracks from this latest album are available as lyric videos and I’ve popped one of them below – the more recent, “Tears Me Apart”. On the evidence of the two songs released, they’re nicely downbeat, very tuneful and as catchy as those annoying seeds that get stuck on your dog’s hair when you take him for a walk in summer.

Definitely worth a couple of minutes of your time to check out.

Broomfiller: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | tumblr | reverbnation | youtube

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