Band of the Day: Twisted State of Mind

Twisted State of Mind 192A few days ago, the Snooty Fox in Wakefield organised a charity gig to raise funds for victims of the Paris attacks and their families. Eight bands were on the bill. Four didn’t show up.

We’re not interested in that last bunch, but feel that those who did turn up deserved a bit of credit. Here’s the final one from that list – Twisted State of Mind.

Note that the guitarist from this trio turned up for the gig with his leg in plaster, further making those bands who didn’t show look like a bunch of time-wasting amateurs. Credit to Luke for being truly metal. Well. Plaster.

They’re all from Oxfordshire and at first glance at their official website you may think “oh, cute – they’ve gone for putting up photos of themselves when they were all muchkins at school to show how long they’ve been together as a band.” Only you’d be wrong as they are annoyingly young to be creating such a wonderful twin-voiced racket – and doing so with more effort and commitment than some other bands we’ve chosen not to mention. Their site says they’ve been gigging since they were eleven. I’d hazard a guess that they’re 14-15 now (apologies to the young gentlemen if I’m out by too much).

Hell, the lads went to the US a year ago for a few gigs and ended up getting signed on the strength of their live performance. One browse through their YouTube channel should demonstrate why. If there’s a three-piece from Oxforshire demonstrating the insanity and chaos of Airborne then it’s Twisted State of Mind.

High-energy metal/hard rock, played with the enthusiasm you’d expect of youth – and an ability to communicate with an audience while belting out some very well written tunes. This is a band to watch out for.

Twisted State of Mind: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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