Band of the Day: Guts For Glory

Guts For Glory - Fairy TalesA band who have been mentioned on these pages before (they’re playing next year’s Breaking Bands Festival), but not really covered properly are Wolverhampton’s Guts For Glory. Dragging music back kicking and screaming to the 80’s when it was all nice, raw and aggressive they peddle a fine line in traditional heavy metal.

Their debut album, Fairy Tales, is out soon and the artwork was unleashed today (see it to the side – pretty, eh?). A release party will be held at the Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton on January 23rd for those wanting to get their mitts on a copy nice and early.

Guts For Glory are a five-piece and have been playing together since the middle of 2014. They’ve racked up a few live shows and the album is the culmination of a lot of hard work. We’ve heard the title track and it’s an interesting old-school blend of Iron Maiden and WASP. Which, let’s be honest, is nothing to complain about.

Check out one of their older songs below for a feel of what these guys are capable of.

Guts For Glory: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | reverbnation

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