Band of the Day: The Prophets

The Prophets - Waiting For The EndA quick wander down to the Midlands for today’s Band of the Day. The Prophets inhabit the city of Coventry and have been together for a shade under five years. Their preferred label is alt rock / pop punk, so… downbeat and bouncy at the same time, then. They’re a female-fronter four-piece and have been putting a lot of work into their live performances, including main stage at the Godiva Festival for two years in a row.

They have a new EP, Waiting For The End, due out on December 7th and are celebrating it with a launch party the night before at The Arches in their hometown. Main support on that date is from another previous Band of the Day, A Mouth Full of Matches – so it’s definitely going to be worth the trip over!

We’ve had a quick listen to the four tracks which make up the EP and the band have a great little handful of songs here. I’m not sure of the order of the tracks, but in alphabetical order “Closest Thing” would make a great opener if it happens to be track one. A crashing start, emotive verse and catchy chorus set everything up well. This is a song that should get a warmed up crowd pogo-ing in unison.

“Take It Or Leave It” is perhaps a little more radio-friendly with a more upbeat non-stop tempo. The title track is a belter, mixing driving sections with much quieter ones. A real toe-tapper.

Finally “Your Name” is the most experimental track – or “odd one out”  – in terms of style. Predominantly a near-acoustic ballad which escalates into soaring electric chords towards the end, it’s the sort of song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Great stuff.

The video below is one of their older tracks from their 2014 self-titled EP, so you can get a flavour of their sound. The new material will be heading your way soon enough!

The Prophets: facebook | youtube | bandcamp | spotify


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