Band of the Day: The Dark Clouds

The Dark Clouds - After The SunI have very little information about this band other than what I’ve gleaned from their facebook profile. They’re Australian-based (Woolongong, I think) and play good old-fashioned rock music.

There are only a few tracks online that I can find since their Soundcloud page seems to have disappeared. They definitely seem to have a sense of humour and a nice upbeat feel to their music, whether it’s something schmoozy like “Lilac Dress” or politically motivated like “The Letter G (Barrie)”. At least I think the latter is political. Good song regardless.

If you’re around New South Wales or just fancy listening to something groovy, then check out the links below.

The Dark Clouds: facebook | reverbnation

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September 24, 2015 1:26 PM

Spot on Mosh. Thanks heaps