Band of the Day: Brainswitch (BA)

Brainswitch - And The World Will SleepI like to mix things up now and again, and it’s also good to feature a band from somewhere we’ve not covered before. To that end, welcome alternative-metal act Brainswitch from Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

They dropped me a message recently, I had a listen to their album and I checked out where they come from – and immediately added it to my “I must visit this city” list. It’s gorgeous, especially when you dig through some photos from barely twenty years ago and see what it looked like just after the war. My own personal travel plans being put to one side, a little more about the band…

The specific sound of this band is based on elements that goes all the way from mystic soundscapes, grunge harmonies, stoner rock elements to post metal atmospheres.

The band’s debut album And The World Will Sleep was released in May, 2015 by Nocturne Media label and contains 12 songs. You can listen to the whole thing on YouTube, or pick it up from various online retailers such as Deezer, Spotify and Google Play. The first video proper from the album is for the song “Silver” and you can check it out below.

It’s quite representative of the whole album. A mix of ambient, atmospheric styles with an overall heavy, ponderous feel. This is music to put on and wallow in, and allow it to wash over you. There are a couple of tracks, like “After” which take a different tack. In this case a more melodic, traditional ballad sound with occasional heavier breaks.

Go on – give them a listen. How often do you across a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina, anyway?

Brainswitched: official | facebook | twitteryoutube


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