Band of the Day: Promethium

Promethium - OriginsOne of many, many good acts we caught at Wildfire recently were Promethium. The band was formed by members of other local acts with an aim to prove that metal is alive and kicking – even in somewhere as remote as Lancaster!

They currently have two albums and an EP out: 2009’s Tribute to the Fallen, 2010’s Welcome to the Institution and the most recent, Origins from 2013. Another new album is in the pipeline and should be out this year.

Guitarist Dan Lovett-Horn was kind enough to send me a copy of Origins to have a listen to after the festival and it’s on my headphones right now. Promethium have gone for the slow/heavy approach to metal rather than blasting out all guns blazing. It makes for a toe-tapping, head-nodding listen but with plenty of  nice, loud segments. Conversely, such as with the openings of “Rain” and “Plagued by Evil”, there’s a handful of nice melodic sections to counterpoint the noisy parts.

Singing mainly with a regular metal voice, frontman Gary isn’t afraid to experiment. There are elements of harsh vocals on here as well as more emotive styles, again using “Rain” as an example.

It’s predominantly a metal album, though, with several changes of pace which would sidestep into hard rock. But who wants to be pigeonholed these days? Importantly, they’re good to listen to.

A band with a lot of experience between them, it shows in the variety of their output. Production is a little rough around the edges, but that doesn’t detract from the obvious talent and passion on display. I can vouch for their live show as well having caught most of their set at the aforementioned festival.

Promethium: facebook | reverbnation

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