Band of the Day: Season of Ghosts

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Once again digging through the huge pile of bands waiting to be featured, here is female-fronted electrometal combo Season of Ghosts.

The female doing the fronting in this case is Sophia Aslanidou, formerly of Blood Stain Child and she really knows how to belt out a good tune. Their music is generally upbeat and fast-paced and, I gather, about ghosts, aliens and not giving up! So kind of sci-fi with a positive spin. Or something.

Either way, it’s good stuff. There is a vaguely symphonic sound here, but it’s beaten back in favour of the electronic overtone. However, don’t think it’s all 70’s and prog-sounding. This is far more subtle and blended into the music, usually behind and around the more traditional metal instrumentation. Hell, a few songs are verging closer on being symphonic death with added “vwoosh”. Think Soilwork fronted by Delain’s Charlotte Wessels partnered with John Carpenter on keyboards and you’re getting there.

Very much a band worth checking out, they’ve got a wealth of tracks online. Give them a listen and grab the new album, The Human Paradox, which came out at the end of last year.

Season of Ghosts: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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