Band of the Day: Armageddon Stereo

Armageddon Stereo - I.A.T.D.Armageddon Stereo are a rap/metalcore four-piece from Manchester who started playing live in August last year. They’ve just got the one single out which you can enjoy on Bandcamp or Youtube (below) and they have a slew of other live shows coming up.

I really don’t have any other information on them, but the single – “I.A.T.D.” – is pretty good. I know the whole rock/metal crossover isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always thought that Anthrax were onto something with their rappy efforts, and I bloody love Hatebreed. “I.A.T.D.” is very much a hybrid of the styles, with very much a hardcore feel to it. The rap-style lyrics are a natural fit.

Check them out and hit ’em up on facebook if you like what you hear.


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