Band of the Day: Seyminhol

Seyminhol logoFlying in from France are epic power / melodic metallers Seyminhol. With over twenty years together, they’re certainly not a new act but perhaps one you’ve not heard of before.

Formed in 1992, they released their first album Northern Recital almost ten years later. This gained them quite a following in the Baltic region as well as at home and led to touring and the second album, Septentrion’s Walk. This ambitious double-album was in turn followed in 2009 by Ov Asylum where the band introduced a slight electronic overtone to their sound and ramped up the heaviness.

In 2010, the band took a break but reformed – with a new drummer – in 2010 with plans for a new album. That album, Wayward Son is due for release in 2015 and I believe it’s an adaptation of Hamlet. Seriously!

They’re a great band to listen to – fast-paced, upbeat and energetic. You can listen to a good selection of their tracks via myspace and I’ve embedded an older track below.

Wayward Son could well be one to watch for later this year.

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