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Septa - Destroyer

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]While it may not be politically correct to say so right now, let’s – for a moment – forget about the ongoing crisis in (The) Ukraine and focus on the music that’s still coming out of the country. After all, for countless people life is attempting to go ahead with some semblance of normality during this traumatic time.

One band still forging ahead is Septa, who recently released their second album. My apologies to them for sitting on my review copy for so long! It’s been out since early this year and it’s available as a “pay what you want” download from bandcamp.

The band themselves formed in 2006 in Odessa, took some time out shortly afterwards and reformed in 2010. Destroyer was mixed by Matt Bayles, who has produced ground-breaking albums by Isis, Norma Jean, Mastodon, Botch and others. Mastering was handled by Chris Common of These Arms Are Snakes fame. The band say their music is influenced by Converge, Norma Jean and The Dillinger Escape and they class themselves as “alternative rock” though I’d say they’re heavier than just “rock”.

Now, when I read the list of influences I thought “Hmm… not a big fan of any of them”. In particular Dillinger do nothing for me, but Septa on the other hand… they’re still very “distorted-bass”-led, but more rhythmic and with an edge of hardcore to them. On the other hand, they have a twist very much of their own.

Track 3 – “Destroyer Pt.2” – is a prime example of this. Four and a half minutes of stomping, regular beat interspersed with occasional manic flurries. A lyrical style that flips between something approaching metalcore and something approaching SOAD. On LSD. It’s experimental, sure, but it’s not so far out of reach that it’s difficult to listen to.

Given the way that it’s being distributed, you’ll lose nothing than a bit of time in checking them out. And if you do appreciate the effort and quality, then drop them a few quid in exchange for a higher-quality download.

Septa: facebook | twitter | youtube | vk | bandcamp

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