Band of the Day: Traitors

Traitors - The Hate CampaignStephen from Traitors dropped me a line to say that his band had just released a new single and perhaps I’d like to check it out. Maybe it’d be something I’d like.

Hell, yes.

“Disappoint” is the first release from the band’s upcoming self-released debut The Hate Campaign, which is due on February 24th, and it’s as rebellious as a teenager who’s been sent to bed early without Xbox privileges. For the third night in a week. Trust me, as a parent, that’s pretty damn rebellious.

Traitors label themselves as down tempo deathcore. They’re heavy as all hell and do a nice line in slow, crushing beats and deep, throaty vocals. I get a feeling from the opening sections that the band’s ethos is very Rage Against the Machine / Nailbomb – anti-authoritarian and pissed off about it.

I often find the real down-tuned stuff to be a bit too rumbly and lacking actual substance, but Traitors’ sound has been tempered with the aggression of the deathcore element which makes for a good combination. A hefty use of samples (recordings from protests, news broadcasts) gives a vague industrial feel as well.

Check out “Disappoint” below, and if you’re around their native Florida then keep an eye out for them touring soon.

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