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Memories of a Dead Man - Ashes of JoyOne hanging over from January – sorry, guys! – was a message from Memories of a Dead Man to check out their new video. The band are from the northern region of France, have been together since 2005, and thunder out a cross-genre mélange that they call “post-hardcore/ambient”. Now, I don’t know if this is a thing or not, but it works.

Post-hardcore is generally really angry. Fast, brutal, harsh vocals, growls and violence. Ambient is trippy, relaxing and floaty. How the hell could the two conjoin to produce anything other than a badly disjointed mess? The answer lies here.

Take a listen to “Melancholia” below. A long, ambient intro which leads into angsty, crushing rhythms – pretty much standard post-hardcore. But as the song progresses, there are sections which merge the two styles. The heavier, distorted instruments and vocals played at a mush slower ambient pace.

Memories of a Dead Man released an album early last year – Ashes of Joy, a suitably titled release which emphasises the counterpoints of their wide-ranging musical styles.

I apologise for that last sentence reading like something from a dissertation. Now, go listen and check the band out on facebook, etc. You can stream the album on bandcamp, or purchase it from Seasons of Mist or Send the Wood.

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