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Obduktion - Mors Janua Vitae EP[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Obduktion are definitely not a new band, having formed in 1995. They’re based in Greece – which seems to have a lot of metal acts – and churn out a nicely brutal line in death metal.

Their debut album – after several EPs and demos – was released in 2002. Encounter in a Dream was the first of three albums, followed in 2008 by II and in 2011 by Pain Chronicles. Towards the end of 2014, the band’s latest EP (Mors Janua Vitae) was unleashed.

There are only two tracks on this EP, but they’re a great stopgap between more substantial releases. Both are a little over the three minute mark in length, and very heavy indeed.

“King of Terrors” is the first and starts with a flurry of speed and aggression. It does take a surprising slow and melodic break partway through, which caught me a bit by surprise but really works with the overall tone. In fact, it demonstrates the variety of influences in Obduktion’s sound. Rather than sticking to the pure death sound of, say, Deicide they’ve opted to bring in many styles. It even has some nice wailing guitar which wouldn’t be out of place in a NWOBHM or classic thrash song.

“Lordship of Superior” is the heavier track, slower overall and more evil sounding as a result. It counterpoints the first track well and the two go together perfectly on this little release.

Overall tone is very heavy on the bass, making the sound nice and dark but not all muddled. In fact, with the right sound system this EP could rupture foundations. Heavy, crushing and destructive – which is all you could want from a couple of death metal tracks.

As a sample of their work – and hopefully a sign of things to come with another full album – Mors Janua Vitae is a great little EP. It’s available via all major digital outlets.

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