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[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Myrkgrav have a new single out. OK, not new – it was out in December but it’s just filtered up through the bubbling mire that is my inbox. Normally I’d go “dammit, out of date now” and apologise, but I gave it a listen and it would be a shame not to give you folks the heads up about a decent act.

Myrkgrav is Lars Jensen from Norway. A one-man folk-metal act basing his songs on the Norse legends, specifically the Ringerike region, he’s released an album, an EP and a couple of singles. The music focusses heavily on the traditional Norwegian instrument, the Hardanger fiddle.

Indeed, the latest single (which came out in December), “Vonde auer”, features two versions. Side A is folk metal whereas Side B is a much shorter version rearranged purely for the fiddle. The melodies are recognisable from the first track, but otherwise it’s a completely different piece of music – and quite a wonderful comparison.

Definitely an act worth checking out for the folk metal fans, or for those who just appreciate a good piece of original music. All of Myrkgrav’s music is available for preview and download via Bandcamp and other sources.

official | facebook | youtube | bandcamp

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