Band of the Day: Hate&Merda

Hate & Merda - l'Anno dell'Odio

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Not a lot to go on as regards background information on Hate&Merda – they’re a two-piece from Florence in Italy and the members go by the pseudonyms of “unnecessary 1” and “unnecessary 2”. Their music is tagged as experimental noise / sludge which often means a bit of a messy noise-fest. However, with their debut album L’anno dell’Odio (“The Year of Hate”) they’ve thrown this preconception away.

The five tracks are quite long and the album’s only available as a limited vinyl / cassette release so most of you will have to settle for listening to it on bandcamp.

Hate&Merda have managed to take sludge and add a beat to it. They’ve taken filth, depravity, negativity and make it catchy (in places), while maintaining the sickening sense of self-loathing that the genre demands. I normally find sludge a bit of a hard job to listen to, but this is a great bit of work. Not just something I’d put on in the background, but something I’d actually play in the car.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t feel happy listening to it. It’s as downbeat and unpleasantly nasty as you could hope for, and I’m kind of glad I don’t understand Italian otherwise I’d probably have slaughtered a village full of innocents after the first play-through.

Colour me impressed – and genocidal.

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