Band of the Day: Forty Four Hours

Forty Four Hours logoManchester (UK) seems to be developing a bit of a scene again, and today’s band is yet another example of the type of act bubbling about there these days. Forty Four Hours are an alternative rock three-piece, who’ve recently released their debut single.

“Earl Gray” (listen to it below) came out last year, and the band followed this with a string of UK dates before settling down to work on their debut EP. With luck, this should be out this year sometime.

The band have a slightly unusual/unique layout, being fronted by two brothers who share vocal duties. One look at any promo photos is enough to tell you which two are related. Unless they get the drummer to put on a ginger wig to confuse people!

I’ve actually just spotted as I write this up on Sunday night that they’re probably on stage in Glasgow right this moment… I hope the gig goes down a storm, guys!

Enjoy their first release below, and keep an eye out for the EP later this year.

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