Band of the Day: Unhuman Nature

Unhuman Nature - Hidden Side of Existence[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]Unhuman Nature are a band who had the poor fortune to get in touch with me just before things got really busy a few weeks ago. After they sent me through a copy of their debut EP, it promptly fell through the cracks until I spotted their message while sorting out new email accounts.

Consisting of two artists – Zoilo Santiago of Unreal Overflows on instruments and Emi Metal of Witchfyre on vocals – Unhuman Nature began life as a bit of a side project for them both. Progressive musings from Zoilo and metal ones from Emi merged together to create the five tracks available on Hidden Side of Existence.

As ever, I’m impressed by the quality of music and production from such a small team. Between the two of them they did all the writing, recording, mixing, mastering and artwork! The resulting package is pretty special. The songs are fairly heavy in a traditional metal kind of way, but with soaring vocals which sit somewhere between Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford in style.

The EP was released in September as a 4-track tape through Russia’s Grotesque Sounds, and a 5-track digital edition via Defox/Heart of Steel Records in Italy. It’s now also available on Amazon, Spotify and iTunes.

You can get a taste with the embedded copy of “Rage” below, and there are three songs on their SoundCloud page which aren’t on the EP.

Since releasing the EP, the duo have finished recording a full LP and are just looking for a distributor. In addition, three other musicians have joined the ranks so they’re able to tour as well…

facebook | youtube | soundcloud

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