Band of the Day: Amken

Click for full cartoon gore
Click for full cartoon gore

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]I rediscovered this email just in time for Amken’s debut EP, Adrenalin Shot, coming out on November 30th. What better time to introduce you to this Greek thrash act?

Formed in Athens in 2011, they’ve obviously spent a couple of years working on their live show and material. Now, there’s one thing you won’t find with Amken and that’s originality. But don’t take that as criticism. What they play is beautiful, rough-around-the-edges, blistering, old-school, Bay Area-esque thrash metal. Complete with a slightly warped sense of humour, Amken are ridiculously easy to get into if thrash is your thing.

Adrenalin Shot was recorded earlier this year and the band have already released a video for the track “Zombie Pets” which you can enjoy below. It probably is the best song on the 4-track EP, and the other three make for good company. Shouty chorus, blistering solos, catchy riffs and a heavy beat – what more could you ask for? Zombies? Oh, go on then – have a few of them as well.

A shout-out also has to go to Bill Hauser for the cover art. It’s wonderfully grotesque and cartoony, keeping in with the old 80’s/90’s thrash feel of the music. Click the thumbnail to the side to see the full work in all its glory.

If you’re around Germany yourself, then keep an eye out for Amken opening for Six Feet Under in December as they promote this little collection of songs. If you’re at a show then buy a copy from the merch stand. The rest of Europe can expect a visit in 2015.

You can tell with these guys that you can’t go wrong. Look at their promo photos and their video. Check out the t-shirts: Sepultura, Death, DRI, Slayer, Exodus… Amken are a band who are reminding the world that thrash will never die!

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