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Selene - Paradise OverSelene is a symphonic metal band from Northern Ireland and now featuring Cameron Åhslund-Glass (Darkest Era, drums) and Thomas Alford (Sandstone, bass). They joined Shonagh Lyons (vocals) and John Connor (guitar and keyboards) in the creation of their second EP, Paradise Over, which is due out on October 17th (via their website) and 24th (general release).

Within the first week of release, their debut release Among the Frozen reached the top 15 in the Symphonic Metal, Power Metal and Gothic metal worldwide charts on bandcamp, even managing to break the top 10 in Power metal. The physical CD also reached number 3 in the metal category.

Paradise Over promises to keep the core symphonic sound, but add a heavier tone with the introduction of the new blood.

John mixed and mastered the EP, and is the main writer. Cameron is co-credited with writing duties on “Fade Away” which is, perhaps not coincidentally, probably the heaviest of the six tracks on there.

It’s followed by the far lighter, airy sounds of “Hourglass Fading” which shows the range of the band. This closing track is almost predominantly  just vocals and keyboards barring a guitar solo towards the middle.

The other four tracks vary from the more operatic to the more metallic, but all are good. Shonagh’s vocals are superb, demonstrating an impressive range in themselves. Stronger where needed to ride over distorted guitar and thumping drums, ethereal during quieter segments. Track two – “Not Enough” – is the perfect example. Powering in from the beginning which a chugging rhythm, it hands over to give Shonagh the forefront before subtly allowing the instruments to worm their way back in behind her as her vocals build in volume and strength.

Without being familiar with the first release, I can’t compare them. However, Paradise Over stands strong and proud on its own merits. If you like symphonic metal with a slight Celtic tinge you could certainly do a lot worse than to check out Selene.

Track List:

  1. Facing the Mirror
  2. Not Enough
  3. Still Dreaming
  4. Paradise Over
  5. Fade Away
  6. Hourglass Fading

official | facebook | youtube | bandcamp

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