Band of the Day: Ghost Season

Ghosts like Her EPPlaying a bit more catch-up – Ghost Season emailed me around a month ago to point me at their new EP, Ghosts Like Her. It’s five tracks of melodic/alternative metal from Athens. Greece certainly seems to be a surprise haven for metal acts! The EP itself was released on September 2nd.

Ghost Season are around a year old as a band, and Ghosts Like Her is their first release. They’re currently working on more material to put towards a full album, which they’re aiming to have out before the end of the year.

While five songs doesn’t make for a lengthy release, it’s the perfect number of songs to get a feeling of a band and Ghost Season don’t disappoint. Opener “Alive” is as good as anything you’ll get on a decent rock radio station with a great crunchy guitar sound and thumping rhythm. Nick Lountos’ vocals flow through and over the music as part of the overall sound.

“Ghosts Like Her” is every bit as good, with a couple of widdly lead guitar breaks and multiple vocal channels. Like “Alive”, it’s both heavy and catchy.

Slowing things down, and showing that the band have more than one tempo, “The Bleed” is an ethereal yet heavy ballad. If there’s a singalong song on the EP, this is it. The grinding instrumental section three quarters of the way through is superb.

The heaviness returns with “Father Time” which churns along at a head-bobbing pace blending choppy rhythm and airy guitar.

“Need” rounds things off with its simple riff and slowly-built choruses and bridges.

This is a fine release, and bodes well for the upcoming full album. Definitely a band to keep an eye on, and with plans to tour their native country coming up, one you should try and catch live if you’re in the area.

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