Band of the Day: Chiral

HaatE + ChiralAnother impressive one-man act today, this time Italy’s Chiral. “Formed” (if that’s the right word for an act consisting of only one person!) at the start of 2014, Chiral already has one full album out and last month released a split EP with HaatE.

Chiral is an exponent of black metal, taking the classic Swedish style and blending it with more progressive influences. The lyrical themes are mainly based on introspection, anti-Christianity, solitude, pain, death and even love (in a way).

Chiral’s album Abisso is available to sample and buy from bandcamp (name your price), whereas the split EP can be found on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and so forth. It’s entitled Where Mountains Pierce the Nightsky. Chiral’s contribution is a single 20-minute track, backed with three songs by HaatE.

official | facebook | youtube | soundcloud | bandcamp

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