Band of the Day: Республика Марс (The Republic of Mars)

The Republic of Mars - Someone's GoneYou don’t hear about too many bands from Russia for whatever reason, so it was a pleasant surprise to get an email from Ig, drummer with The Republic of Mars, asking me to check out his band.

Now, my Russian isn’t great and Google Translate only gives so much information so information on the band is light! They’re a five-piece and an accomplished hard rock act with a handful of releases out. Most recent of these is their debut album Someone’s Gone (English translation).

All of their songs are in Russian, but – you know – it doesn’t really matter. It’s good, rocking music. Just the sort of thing to whack on when you’re driving or getting ready for a night out. As the name may suggest, it does have a sci-fi edge to it that’s hard to explain. I can just picture videos with rockets and spacemen in. Or maybe I just need some sugar and a lie down.

Production is good – nice and bassy – so it sounds a little heavier than it actually is. I’ve given it a couple of listens through and there’s no tracks that let it down. Every one is energetic, feel-good (although that could be because I don’t understand the words!) and will have your head nodding.

The album’s online for you to check out and purchase at reverbnation and bandcamp. As luck would have it, they put a video up yesterday as well, which I’ve embedded below.

facebook | soundcloud | reverbnation | bandcamp | myspace

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