Band of the Day: Keeper

Keeper - Healthy and DelusionalHailing from just east of one of my old stomping grounds, Leeds-based Keeper are a female-fronted progressive hardcore act with some odd rhythms and angry lyrics.

Their publicist got in touch… erm… about a month ago (sorry) as they’d just released their debut EP, Healthy & Delusional. The EP can be listened to on Kerrang’s web site and purchased from Pinky Swear Records.

At first listen, I wasn’t too sure as I’m not a fan of the prog-style stop/start rhythms, but as I went through the tracks it grew on me. Singer Courtney is the icing on the cake as her vocal range and stylings provide a bit more to the overall sound than the usual post-hardcore screams (at which she is also rather skilled!)

Four tracks is enough to get a flavour of a band, so do check out the page linked above. I’ve also embedded the most recent video (“Ouch”) below. It seems that they’re putting a lot into this release, which is good to see.

facebook | bandcamp | youtube | bigcartel

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