Band of the Day: The Alopecia Trio

The Alopecia Trio - MeconiumAnother one of those bands, today, that could class as a bit… odd. The Alopecia Trio are a five-piece (great start) and come from… erm… somewhere. I’m guessing the UK somewhere going by the vocals, but their facebook page and the bio I was sent are both somewhat vague.

Genre-wise, they claim the punk and rock labels. Their stuff’s hard to categorise, so “rock” is nicely general while the “fuck it – let’s just play some shit” attitude that comes through is very much a punk one. Some of the tracks are a bit trippy, so I’d consider throwing the psychedelic tag around there as well.

Their descriptions of their own recordings – of which there are a few – are brutally honest (“…use of recording techniques was rudimentary to say the least…”, “…plagued with glitches and annoying bits…”, “…improved quality but one that
would still require some work and learning.”). The issues seem to revolve around a lack of knowledge of how to work any of the recording equipment and being stinking drunk. As I said – punk.

They’ve got a few tracks up on Reverbnation and YouTube and I’d recommend giving a couple of them a listen as they vary hugely in style. For instance, “St Mary Magdelene” is very long, slow and heavy whereas “Bum Trumpet” is a much shorter track with a more basic message.

I like a band that aren’t trying to big themselves up. The “we’re having fun, getting shit-faced then sobering up and realising we’ve recorded some crap, but we’re releasing it anyway” attitude is refeshing.

facebook | twitterreverbnation | youtube

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