Band of the Day: Sleeping Orchard

Sleeping Orchard - Planet SnakesSleeping Orchard are another “left field” band for this page, playing as they do a genre they call folk/country rock. It’s actually got quite an ambient and experimental feel to it, and I think will actually find a lot of appeal amongst people who want music to kick back to.

I don’t have much information on the band themselves, other than that they formed in last 2013 and have already released four records – pretty impressive in such a short time. They’re sometimes 3-piece, sometimes 2-piece and always… somewhat different.

The country influence is obvious in their guitar sound, but there’s a massive amount of trippy 60’s sounding reverb on the vocals, particularly on their newest material.

As ever, the best way to discover if a band’s to your taste is to listen to them and all of their material is on BandCamp for you to listen to and purchase for whatever price you deem fair.

facebook | twitter | youtube | soundcloud | bandcamp

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