Band of the Day: Enormity Falls

Enormity Falls - VoicesBack in Blighty for today’s Band of the Day. Enormity Falls are from Nottingham and have been bangin’ out choons since 2012.

A lot of practice on the live circuit has led them to record their debut EP, Voices, which was released at the end of June 2014. It’s a 4-track featuring some surprisingly original material and the band are using it to try and get their name out and about so that they can get more material recorded and more live dates.

Three members of the four-piece take on vocal duties, which lends to the novel sound of the band. It’s not just backing vocals, either – three fully-fledge vocalists.

The band label themselves as simply “metal”, though I’d put them into the melodic death area. Not quite as death-y as some, but it has the trappings of the genre. Hell, you could argue there’s the tiniest drop of prog in there.

It’s some good stuff, though. Heavy, catchy and with some good riffs in there. The three vocals make it seem a bit like a musical with parts being played by two of the voice – the harsher ones – with the third more melodic working as narrator. I’m not sure if that would make sense with the actual lyrics, but it is how the songs often come across from an audible perspective.

Pick of the four tracks for me is “Z is for Xenomorph” – the intro is killer. The band have selected to go with “This Is All I Have” for their video, which you can watch below.

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