Band of the Day: The Hell

The Hell logoSometimes you just need a daily dose of stupid, so here you go. The Hell seem to exist simply to make noise and have fun – how can anyone argue that’s a bad idea?

Their second album, Groovehammer, is out in the next couple of days but in the meantime you can download their earlier releases. They’re available on a “pay what The Hell you want” basis from their bandcamp page, and they have some interesting parody merch to go along with them.

They’re pretty heavy, and in most cases the joke’s in the song title – but that worked well enough for Lawnmower Deth to release three full albums on actual CD and tape and stuff. And if that tactic’s good enough for a bunch of middle-aged has-beens from the East Midlands, then it’s good enough for these reprobates from Watford.

Coincidentally – honest, I just noticed – they’re playing Sonisphere today. So if you’re at Knebworth then a) go see them and b) I hope you have a miserable time because I couldn’t get there this year.

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