Band of the Day: Summertime

SummertimeI’m trying to think if I’ve “done” Hungary before in the Band of the Day category. Not sure. Maybe I should start again and work through all the countries alphabetically. And also stop thinking aloud when I should be telling you about the band…

Today it’s Summetime, a four-piece who hail from Budapest (nice place, BTW). Their genre of choice is punk / skate punk / alternative punk rock – catchy, bouncy, guitar-driven and fun.

They’ve released one full album and three EP’s, the most recent of which – Walk Another Way – is available as a free download from their official web page.

Garnering a bit of a following, partly due to national TV coverage in the Hungarian version of X-Factor (is it only the UK where the acts are uniformly bland pop shit?), they’ve managed to fund a couple of videos and also played a handful of dates outside of their home country.

If you’re into the likes of Sum-41, The Offspring, Bowling For Soup and the likes then you should give them a listen.

official | facebook | twitter | youtube | myspace | reverbnation | soundcloud

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