Band of the Day: Polar Bears in Purgatory

Polar Bears in Purgatory logoWith a name like Polar Bears in Purgatory you’re obviously not one to get embarrassed too easily. At least I’d hope not.

The band are a triumvirate of Scottish punkers who play music that’s “fast, catchy, silly” according to their email and a quick listen around very much confirms all three.

With quickfire lyrics shared amongst all three and accents that wouldn’t be out of place in a third Gregory’s Girl film this bunch of lads from Ayr know how to string some nice tunes together. Best of all, they are indeed catchy and have some nice choruses that I can see being fun to join in with at a gig. And, yes, I’m thinking of GTFYFC. Which I would love to hear covered by The Lounge Kittens.

Not for the sensitive or those lacking a sense of humour.

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