Band of the Day: Valerie

Valeria - ValerieBack on to the (new very) occasional Band of the Day feature with a Arendal in Norway. As opposed to Arundel, which is in Sussex. Although, given than I’m in Glasgow, both places are equally as foreign.

They class themselves as hard rock/glam and there’s no better description. Based on their newest track, “Night After Night”, which you can hear below I’d name Europe as the first band that pops into my head on hearing them (though the band themselves cite Dokken and Ratt as influences). And, hey, that’s not bad. Anyone who’s seen Joey Tempest and the lad lead a crowd of thrashers, death-metal fans, punks and pop rockers into the opening chords of “The Final Countdown” knows that glam is never actually going to die. Valerie are doing a damn good job in making sure this genre lives on!

“Night After Night” is the first single from their new album which is set to be released later this year – no firm date as yet. Hopefully more news as I get it, or for further info go to their official page. There are half a dozen or so other tracks on soundcloud.

official | facebook | soundcloud

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