Band of the Day: The Fast Camels

The Fast Camels - Deadrooms and Butterfly DreamsTime to swallow some strange pills and get all freaky, man. Stepping sideways through a hole in my pocket from which are erupting floaty shapes that taste of rainbow are The Fast Camels. Who are three times weirder than that last sentence.

Based in Glasgow, they’re a 5-piece producing psychedelic rock which could easily have been recorded back in the 1960’s. It’s obvious where their influences lie and they do a great job in paying homage to them.

Their second album – Deadrooms and Butterfly Dreams – came out on May 5th and can be picked up at one of their live shows or via iTunes. I’ve given it a quick listen, and in honesty didn’t expect to like it. I’d never say that psychedelia was my thing, but there’s no denying this is a strong LP. Very easy to get into, relaxing yet catchy. The sort of thing you’ll find yourself humming along to as you’re deciding which pair of flares to put on before a night out.

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