Band of the Day: WEAK13

WEAK13 debut soonWEAK13 have been together since 1999, belting out low-tuned punk grunge industrial electro metal from a dirty garage in the back end of Kidderminster (probably. The Kidderminster bit’s true, but I don’t know if the garage is dirty or not).

The current line-up consists of founder Nick Townsend on vocals and guitar, Neel Parmar on drums and Wesley Smith on bass. Their aim really seems to be un-pigeon-hole-able, picking up whatever musical genre they like and stuffing it inside another, basting with a third and popping it in the oven on gas mark 6 for 35 minutes. Add seasoning to taste.

If there’s a common thread, it’s that the songs have a hook and a rhythm that lends itself to a live environment. I can actually picture the front row of a crowd at a WEAK13 gig punching the air and headbanging.

They’ve got a ton of tracks online that you can sample via the usual array of links below. Keep an eye out for them touring, too.

site4fans | facebook | twitter | reverbnation | youtube

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