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Haiduk - SpellbookCanada once again sends forth a music blast which is well worth a listen. Haiduk is a solo project from Luka Milojica who has just released an album of “fast, blackened death metal”.

I can’t play any instrument, so I’m impressed by musicians. I’m more impressed by people who can get by on more than one instrument. To be able to write and record all the parts to make a whole damn album… that deserves some credit.

Spellbook is a good release as well. The “fast” in the musical description pretty much describes the whole thing from beginning to end. There’s really no messing around! Lyrical themes tie in with the album title with songs such as “Hex”, “Forcefield” and “Lightning” – it’s all got a very magical feel to it. Dark magic, naturally.

Something that often gets overlooked on an album is the packaging. Which in this case would be a shame. I love the way that the album lyrics are hidden within longer passages of text on the booklet. Each song has its own iconography as well, making this a minor concept piece.

I just did a YouTube search and found a video of Luka playing live – as the one man band. Guitars and vocals are live while the backing tracks are programmed/recorded. It’s still damn good… so I’ve included it below rather than a “still” video with just an album track on it.

It’s not a new release, coming out in July 2012, and I hope this means that Luka is working on a follow-up. Opener “Lich” is probably my favourite, though it’s in good company.

official | facebook | youtube | bigcartel

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June 5, 2014 1:55 PM

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