Band of the Day: Beauty in the Suffering

Beauty in the Suffering - ReveilleI was going to post a news item on this crew as they’ve just released a new lyric video. Then I watched some of their older stuff and thought “I want to write a bit more about these mad bastards so that people will go and watch these videos”. So here we are with Beauty in the Suffering.

Essentially, Beauty in the Suffering is a solo project in the hands of DieTrich Thrall (Marazene). The songs are written, programmed, arranged, performed, and produced by him. “Programmed”? Yes, there’s an electronic element to the sound, but that doesn’t detract from the heaviness. Think Ministry rather than Harold Faltermeyer. Of course, even the best musician needs a bit of help here and there and DieTrich has it in spades with members of TRAPT, American Head Charge, DOPE, Team Cybergeist, The Genitorturers, Rikets, Skinlab, Nocturne, The Razorblade Dolls, and Anti-Mortem as special guests in various studio and visual roles. Indeed the new video features American Head Charge’s drummer.

Using a unique DIY studio approach to songwriting which includes writing, programming, arranging, performing every instrument (except live drums, which are first programmed before bringing in a live drummer), and vocalizing, Dietrich’s fulfils the creative roles most bands use a full lineup to accomplish.

The videos made it for me, as DieTrich’s theme of choice involves zombie hordes. Already a couple of videos have been released with another promised for the most recent track, “Reveille (The Zombie Charge)”. You can hear this via their bandcamp page, and enjoy the recent video for “The Crazies (The Zombie Song)” below.

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