Band of the Day: Wake the Dead

Wake The DeadFrance continues to throw good acts in my direction from various genres. Today’s band, Wake the Dead, fall into the “post/punk hardcore” pigeonhole. The first band that springs to mind when I hear them are Heights, though there are plenty of others in that genre.

Harsh, angry vocals clash with chundering beats and a mix of strident and melodic guitars as their songs progress. A perfect example is “Sword Fighting”, the video for which is at the bottom.

As a band, they’ve been together since 2010. With one album, 2011’s The Things We Can’t Forget followed by an EP in 2012, they’ve put a lot of effort into live shows and touring. Impressively, as well as Europe they manage a short tour through Asia in 2012.

You can listen to their entire album on bandcamp, and keep up to date with them on facebook, etc.

facebook | youtube | bandcamp | bigcartel

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May 2, 2016 9:22 PM

[…] The Dead are a melodic hardcore band from France who we featured as Band of the Day last year, and  – after a three year wait – they’re about to release their latest […]