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Sirion - SirionSirion’s bassist, Joey Linahon, dropped me a message a couple of days ago asking me to check out their new EP and see what I thought. I thought it was pretty damn good so I felt it only my duty to pass on that information to you lot.

They’re based in Los ANgeles and have been together since 2011. In two short years, they managed to write enough material and gain enough attention to land support slots for a very impressive number of well known acts – Huntress, Gene Hoglan, Turisas, Sabaton, 3 Inches of Blood, Antagonist, Nekrogoblikon… and a lot more.

Thing is, their musical style covers so many genres that they could fit on stage with a huge variety of artists. Think Dream Theatre on PCP and we’re getting there. Death vocals, in the main, with regular ones here and there. Slow instrumental, keyboard-fronted breaks surrounding frenetic, neck-breaking rhythms. Thrashy verses to pummel to, melodic choruses to sing.

Their self-titled EP is available now (their release party was a sell-out at the Whisky-a-go-go) and is a four tracks of very good material. Give them a hand recouping their costs and funding a full release!

official | facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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