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Seprevation - ConsumedAs well as a tour in May with Bonded By Blood, Seprevation have a new album coming out soon –  their debut full-length album Consumed which is to be independently released 10th May 2014. The following is, in honesty, the blurb for the album but they’re a) a new band, b) British and c) damn good so I’m shoving them up as Band of the Day because they deserve that little extra coverage!

“Truly evil sounding death metal from Bristol, true to the 80′s and 90′s masters. For fans of Death, Possessed, Sadistic Intent etc.” – Terrorizer Magazine

That aforementioned is just one of many descriptions made of the death/thrash maniacs. Formed in 2011 in Bristol, England; since their inception Seprevation have been roaming throughout the UK laying siege with a battery of hate filled lyrics and a sound to kick your pearly whites to dust, Seprevation are here for a reason and one reason only… to shatter and destroy.

2012 saw the band supporting underground heavyweights Gorguts, Wormrot, Onslaught, Cannabis Corpse and many more which eventually earned the band a place at Bloodstock Festival. 2012 also marked the release of the Seprevation debut record, an EP entitled Ritual Abuse.

In 2013 the band picked up the pace signing a deal with Chaotic Tapestry Management before hitting the road with Californian Gods of gore Exhumed. That same year Seprevation jetted out to 16th Cellar Studios in Rome, Italy with acclaimed producer Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, Eyeconoclast, Acrania, Bloodshot Dawn) to lay down tracks for the debut full-length album.

A near year has dawned. Bigger, stronger and more devastating than ever, Seprevation are set to unleash hell armed with their brand new album Consumed.

Guitarist Joss Farrington comments on Consumed:

“I think fans of Ritual Abuse will really like it, its more of the same in many ways, plenty of shred and old school worship but its definitely steering in our own direction, as the writing process went on the songs became more and more diverse, songs like ‘Between Two Worlds and Dreams’ were written last and you can really hear the difference.

“If you thought Ritual Abuse was pretty great then buy this because it’s 100 times better, 3 words – Old School Worship.”

Raul Gonzalez is the man behind the Consumed artwork. “He did the Ritual Abuse art too”, comments Joss. “I suppose if there was to be a concept or theme, it would be about death, and all the bullshit that follows with it, depression, loss, escape etc. the idea of being consumed by something you cannot control.”

Track list:

  1. Divine Devastation
  2. Servants of Suffering
  3. Ascension of Agony
  4. Sarcophagal Chamber
  5. Dreams
  6. Slave To The Grave
  7. In Torment They Burn
  8. Sea Of Thoughts
  9. Postmortem Lividity
  10. Between Two Worlds

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