Band of the Day: Mental Killing Spree

MENTAL KILLING SPREE - Centrifuge of ManWhat do you think a band called Mental Killing Spree will sound like? If you’re thinking thrashy, verging into death and with an edge of grindcore then you’d pretty much have hit the nail on the head (and driven it into the skull of your victim’s still-twitching corpse).

Oozing out of Wilhelmshaven in Germany, Mental Killing Spree have been together since 2003. In 2008 they recorded a 5-track demo entitled Vae Victis. If you go their facebook “about” page, there’s a link to download this demo for free, including the artwork or you can get it from their MySpace page. Trust me, for a demo it’s worth your time to grab it.

Saving up their Euros, they self-funded their first full album and started recording in 2012. In 2013, they had the 12-track Centrifuge of Man ready for release. Consisting of eight new songs and two re-recordings from the demo, they are currently selling it via their bandcamp page as both a download and physical CD.

It is hard-hitting, fast and very heavy. Give it a listen via one of the links below and, as ever, if you like it then consider throwing some cash their way for your own copy.

facebook | myspace | bandcamp

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