Band of the Day: Mantar

Mantar - Death By BurningI love it when I get “bands” that consist of a pair of people who’ve worked together to record music that sounds like a full four or five-piece. AngelFlayeR were probably the first I covered who did this, and I still have their EP on random play.

Mantar are, similarly, a cross-nation project. This time Germany and Turkey collide to produce a very unusual black metal / hardcore crossover. Unlike many of the bands I’ve covered, Mantar have been going for barely a year.

Also unlike any other band I’ve covered, they use precisely two instruments – drums and a ridiculously down-tuned guitar. That’s a single guitar as well. I gather they play live with just the two members. No session or live musicians here!

They’ve released one limited edition 7″ which will almost certainly be unavailable by now. As of a week or so ago, they also have a two-track album available through  Svart RecordsDeath By Burning was released on February 24th and can be picked up on CD, LP, tape and as a digital download.

official | facebook | bandcamp

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January 27, 2016 11:36 PM

[…] Germany’s infernal extreme metal duo (and former Band of the Day) Mantar have revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for the band’s forthcoming album, Ode […]