Band of the Day: Jackson Firebird

Jackson Firebird - Cock Rockin'The Land Down Under produces another winner with Jackson Firebird. Bluesy rock with a driving beat that’s done well in its home country and is now trying to find a home in ears worldwide.

Jackson Firebird as they are now were formed in 2006, though the band had been playing together for some time before that. In that year they started gigging under the name, and pushing a load of songs they’d written.

Eight years later and their debut album, Cock Rockin’, is due out this month (in some of Europe – early April in others). Some of the track are older, some newer, but all played with the same bare-bones sound that the band have had since their early days.

One guitar and vocals. One percussionist and vocals.

And that’s it.

Even the range of things being bashed by drummer Dale Hudak is spartan – one cymbal, snare, bass drum and two floor toms. And a bottle bin. Guitarist Brendan Harvey uses a couple of effects pedals, but nothing that would confuse an electrical engineer as is often the case with other 2-man bands.

The music’s good. Truly blues-heavy, but with a rhythm in many of the tracks that would let them sit as pride of place on an album of “tracks to play while driving the car if you don’t mind getting a speeding ticket”.

If I’m right, they’ll be in the UK for the first time in May. Should be one worth keeping an eye out for. In the meantime, enjoy a video and check them out around the web.

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August 22, 2015 8:06 PM

[…] over a year ago I featured this due as Band of the Day in the run-up to their debut album. We’re not on the verge of them releasing album number […]