Band of the Day: Honeycomb Love

Run For Your Money - Honeycomb LoveSat in work (having finished for the day). Knackered. Proper knackered courtesy of a) hyperactive, insomniac baby and b) erm… staying up late playing LEGO Marvel Heroes on the Xbox.

Then I realise that I have to draft up some BotD articles as my nice bit of front-loading has dried up. A quick look at the mailbox and a random bit and… Ooooh.

Honeycomb Love have me tapping my foot within a minute of their first track coming on. A three-piece from Leeds, they make speakers erupt with a nice, heavy hard rock sound with a bad attitude. Think Skid Row meets The Sex Pistols.

They’ve only been going for two years and, as far as I can find, just have a few songs to download/stream. However, what they do have is pretty good and I gather there are plans for a significant release in early 2014. If you’re a fan of simple hard-edged rock then I think you’ll be adding them to your “to watch” list.

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