Band of the Day: Echoes

Echoes - The PursuitThe word “Winchester” has come up on these pages before, mainly in relation to former New Band of the Day Winchester Rebels. This time, though, it’s the home of Echoes.

They are a five piece formed in 2010, playing progressive post-hardcore. They manage to blend the harsh and blunt style of hardcore anger and angst with a sound that’s surprisingly atmospheric and haunting. Imagine a film soundtrack that was really, really pissed off at you and you’re getting the gist.

At present they have one brand shiny new track which you can download and enjoy for free. It’s the first “single” (if such things still exist in the traditional sense) from their forthcoming album The Pursuit. The full length release will be on March 24th, but in the meantime get a feel for them with “Honour Lost” below.

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